Legislative Update from Rep. Iler — January 23, 2023

Last week at the North Carolina General Assembly appeared to be a lull with no voting sessions, but lots of activity was occurring behind the scenes.  The House Speaker was appointing members to House committees, as well as chairs and vice chairs of those committees.  Central staff members in bill drafting and research were working on bills that members had requested.  One important anniversary had quietly come and passed. 

     The anniversary had occurred back on January 13th, actually Friday the 13th . The Legislative Assistant in our office, Carla Langdon, had her 20th anniversary at the General Assembly.  She came to work in 2003 for a House member from Raleigh who was familiar with her work at the NC State Bar.  Two years later, he was not re-elected, and she came to work for my predecessor, Rep. Bonner Stiller, of Brunswick County.  When I replaced him, she continued with us, now logging 18 years working for the citizens of Brunswick County.  Those she has helped through our office often describe Carla to me as a “breath of fresh air” after having tried working with their state government agencies.  Thank you, Carla.

     Speaker Tim Moore appointed committees and committee chairs last week.  I was appointed as Chairman of Environment and Appropriations-Transportation, as well as Vice Chair of Transportation and Appropriations.  Other committees to which I was appointed as a member are: Commerce; Education K-12; Election Law & Campaign Finance Reform; and Marine Resources & Aquaculture.  I continue as a Co-Chair of the Joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee, an interim committee made up of House and Senate members. 

     We can’t file bills until this Wednesday, the 25th, the day we return to active floor sessions.  However, I have several requests in to the bill drafters in preparation for possible filing.  The subjects involved so far include: repeal of certain taxes, distracted driving, low-speed vehicle laws, HOA statutes, and loggerhead turtles as the state saltwater reptile (a repeat of my 2021 bill).  I have several other subjects that I plan to address this session.  Note: All requests are drafts only, and are confidential until we file or release them to the public.

     As stated, we return to full attendance for House and Senate sessions this Wednesday, the 25th. We can file bills, start committee meetings and launch our efforts to get our bills heard in committees and passed onto the floor for votes.  We will have many meetings with visiting folks from back home or lobbying groups. 

Other large issues will be coming up in the near future.  We will begin the biennial budget process in the House this session, as well as discuss and debate important issues like abortion, education policy, economic and tax policy, and many others.