Common Sense - Competent - Conservative

A lifelong businessman and 25-year resident of Brunswick County, Frank Iler understands our growing coastal community and the unique issues we face. A respected conservative leader and the senior legislator from southeastern North Carolina, he is the voice we need in Raleigh.

Frank Iler on the Issues:

  • Taxes should be as low as possible
  • Government should be run effectively, efficiently, and transparently
  • Public safety is job one, and we must support law enforcement
  • Small business & free enterprise are the backbone of a strong economy
  • The Second Amendment protects a fundamental right and must be defended
  • We must protect the sanctity of all human life
Rep. Frank Iler

Experience Matters

  • Closed a $3 billion budget deficit inherited from the Democrat majority and replaced it with a $4 billion rainy-day fund for emergencies
  • Reined in government spending, keeping spending levels below the combined growth rate of inflation and population
  • Maintained a AAA credit rating to protect our state finances
  • Enacted job-creating regulatory reform, tax relief and a balanced state budget that have led to North Carolina Being named the “Best State for Business” by Forbes for three straight years
  • Spent time in classrooms in every public school in Brunswick County; supported pay raises for our teachers, resulting in North Carolina’s average teacher salary surpassing $50,000 a year for the first time ever
  • Supported significant investments in school safety, teacher and state employee raises, infrastructure, economic development, and water and sewer
  • Increased funding for transportation and supported a data-based system to take the politics out of transportation project selection

Vote Frank Iler for N.C. House - November 5, 2024