Rep. Frank Iler helps secure $14 million for Boiling Spring Lakes dam replacement

Rep. Frank Iler helped secure $14 million for the Town of Boiling Spring Lakes to help replace dams that were severely damaged during Hurricane Florence in 2018. The funds, which were appropriated in the recently signed state budget, were presented during a check ceremony on Tuesday, March 1. Mayor Jeff Winecoff, former Mayor Craig Caster and BSL council members joined Rep. Iler for the check presentation.

Rep. Iler stated, “After over three years of efforts by former and present city officials in Boiling Spring Lakes, it was a pleasure to present a symbolic check to them to help fill the gap between other state and federal funds to replace the dams and roads washed out by Hurricane Florence.”

“The 2021 budget we passed and the Governor signed late in the year included these special funds that were not included in previous budgets due to being vetoed,” Iler added. “There is much work remaining, but it is good to be able to boost the funding and morale of this important residential city in the center of our county.  These are your dollars, not mine, coming back to help your community.”